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26th April  2020


The Mission of ACTIOS

  • To facilitate and resource Christian education within our schools.
  • To draw together and complement existing activities and volunteers serving in our schools.
  • To pioneer and encourage new initiatives.
  • To train and equip local volunteers to serve our schools.

How ACTIOS began

ACTIOS has come a long way since the fist meeting of interested churches held on 15th September 2003 at which a Steering Group was set up to explore the possibility of forming a Charitable Trust and subsequently employ a schools' worker for the St. Neots area.

In October of that year the Steering Group met again and the name ACTIOS (Assisting Christian Teaching in Our Schools) was adopted.

The Steering Group agreed that ACTIOS should become a member of the Scripture Union Associate Scheme, giving access to advice, experience and practical help for the ACTIOS Trustees and Schools' Workers.

ACTIOS today

From small beginnings ACTIOS has become known and respected in schools in and around St. Neots.

ACTIOS schools' workers regularly visit 13 Primary Schools where they help to lead collective worship, take R.E. lessons and offer support in other ways when invited to do so.  They also lead R.E. lessons in Longsands Secondary Academy on an occasional basis.

ACTIOS schools' workers have organised Prayer Spaces as well as "It's Your Move" Assemblies designed to help Year 6 pupils in their transition to secondary school. 

ACTIOS schools' workers have also worked with Challenge Team U.K., taken part in Scripture Union's "Life Path" events and The Message Trust "Higher Tour".

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